Saturday, March 08, 2008

new job update!

i got the job! YAY! they want me to start ASAP, but of course i need to leave on a good note with Doug. and im a little concerned because they arent going to pay me enough i think...i may still have to stay with doing reception work 1 day a week anyway. arg!

so everythings going to get figured out next week and then ill be all squared away. i just really want it to work out. they want me to work tuesdays and fridays and sunday mornings of course. so id have monday and wednesday at school and saturday sabbath and thursdays and sundays for homework...BUT i might have to find work for thursdays to make enough money to live. we'll see what happens.

today i slept mostly all day. i didnt get home until late last night and im already so tired all the time. so i slept in until about 12...i got up twice to take the dogs out and answer the phone...but otherwise all sleep:) and then i took a nap again for an hour in the evening before going to micahs art show. and now its 11pm and im ready to go back to bed!

tomorrow i think im hanging out with the family and attempting my mounds of really like to get it all done and not have any during the week...but we'll see. im so tired people, i just need to sleep for a week and never go to school again...

someone find me a mountain man please, i need to marry him.

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