Wednesday, April 02, 2008

nothing clever

gosh, so much has been happening!

over the weekend i moved back home. i was so grumpy about it that i just kinda threw things into boxes and labeled them with funny names...annie came over and "helped" and got me in a good mood sometimes. while i was packing she layed in my bed and i got her hooked onto Felicity, mwahaha. but then the next day when i actually moved she was a big help. pretty much i would have gotten nothing done if it wasnt for her. i think the mix of my ADD and not wanting to move...i just kept getting distracted or would think we were done and it was a good time to sit on the couch for awhile and shed yell at me to get up and back to was so funny.

so most everything is in the living room of my parents house now...i have my furniture in my room and thats about it. i wanted to unpack more but i first had to clean out my closet (which looks amazing now) and then i got distracted with Oprahs special on Freeganism. and yesterday i worked my new job!

sunday was my first official day and it was really fun. it was half observation and tailing the director around as she would tell me things i would normally do, and then during 2nd service the volunteer didnt show up for the 2's and 3's class so i got to help in there. it was so cute, i forgot how much i miss kids. and they just love you so much, like 5 of them wanted to sit on my lap at one time all the time so we had to bargain with 2 on the lap and two clinging to my arms right next to me...hehe. and we danced, and read a story, and did a craft, and had a snack, and played was so great. i got to play in the nursery with the little ones awhile too...i just love kids, lalalala. but yesterday i just worked in the office, which is still pretty sweet. i do the same kinds of things as my old office jobs except its better because its about kids and ministry stuff. its REALLY weird how its pretty much the exact same job as the one i had at Seacoast except its a little more advanced (mostly because im more advanced than i was then) and i get paid double! yay!

and now im sick. yesterday i woke up with a sore throat but i thought it was just the dry weather and my allergies from cleaning and dust and stuff, then around 11am my neck started to ache, then around 1pm my entire body started to ache and i felt all clammy and awful. so i spent the rest of the day in pain and drinking so much water thought i would explode, i stopped to get some theraflu on the way home (i had the exact same symptoms as the box said, crazy!), and went to bed from about 7pm until about 10am.

im trying to get better because i need to unpack, work, and do homework over the weekend all before monday!

but for now im just going to drink water, heat up a steaming cup of theraflu, cuddle with the doggies and watch Felicity. after i catch up on Americas Next Top Model and American Idol of course.


PS: i think its important to note that i just spent 30min of my life researching summer camps i could teach art to kids at. but then i saw that u also have to be a full time counselor and pretty much sign your summer away and decided against it...i just really want to teach art and ive GOT to find ways to do it! arg

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