Tuesday, April 08, 2008

im crazy!

so im about to join eharmony. not like tomorrow or the next day, but right after i write this blog. before you think im crazy, listen to my very logical reasoning. i literally do NOT meet guys. i work with all married people and i go to school with all girls and im so busy i dont have time for outside activities! and even my church is too big to actually meet people. so im doing it. and i actually feel pretty ok with it.

so i filled out the free part of it and was reviewing my matches (i got like 20 matches within like 10 minutes!) just checking it out, and i really liked some of my matches. i really want to meet them! so im doing it! yay! ill keep u updated with how things go...im thinking it could either be really awesome, or totally suck...we'll see.

im loving my new job! its still just admin stuff, but its fun admin stuff! and i also get to make up dances to songs, communicate with the kids, and teach and work with them on sundays...i just love it!

im so so sick...i just got back from the doc and finally got some antibiotics. but he gave me something to help drain my nasal passages and chest and now im all coughy...bleh.

GREAT news. me and cassie bought our Europe tickets and i have almost ALL our hostels booked...i did the last 4 today and im waiting to hear back from them. in italy im trying to stay at monastaries and in amsterdam im trying to stay at the YWAM base...so im excited! now i just need to keep savin for the train ticket and then the rest for the actual trip! i cant believe were really going! and today i told work im going to be gone, its all happening!

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