Thursday, September 18, 2008


hooray! my computer should be back in my possession within the next 2 days! hopefully tomorrow, but im not counting on it. theyve had it for like a month, ive been going CRAZY! i have a project i want to work on it and some pictures and music i need to use it for so ive been going a little nuts.

my birthday is so soon! i believe October 4th Micahs house downtown is hosting a big joint party for a few birthdays. its a black and white theme and its going to be pretty amazing. everyones invited so if u want to come down with me please do! il only know like a handful of people there so itd be nice to have some more friendly faces.

but im hoping the weekend afterwards me and the girls can do something fun. but it will sadly be without cassie. sad face.

schools going ok, tomorrow i have to be there super early for a special meeting thing i have to observe for my class. afterwards ill probably go back to bed, maybe get my conmputer, and then get working on all the papers and homework i have to do. i realized that technically im enrolled in like 23 units this semester. i have 15 units of classes and 8 hrs per week of practicum and large assignments due in everything, including the practicum of course. im so glad im not working! makes me so much less stressed and i actually have time to do things! yay!

i got my hair cut going to color it soon too. it looks lovely, and i think it will actually be stylable now! i was really frustrated before because i couldnt get it to do anything.

i had a big realization recently. im in love with people who dont exist. besides the obvious like Edward Cullen, Jim Halpert, Mr. Darcy, Russell from Almost Famous, Harry Potter, etc. i also tend to fall "in love" with real people i know who arent really the person ive made them up to be at all. somehow i imagined this entirely different person without even realizing it. its really hard to connect the two and say good bye to my fictional people. its similar to the feeling of when you read a book and you love it so much and are so engrossed in it that toward the end you get a little sad and heart broken because your going to miss all your new friends, places, memories...and such. such as Harry Potter series, Twilight series, even Narnia. but it has to happen. i have to say good bye. its a bit freeing, i can begin to like other people without comparing them to all my fictional people ive locked away in my head.

i need to read more. Brideshead revisited is sitting on my night stand untouched. i want to try Wuthering Heights too. and maybe some books about Jesus. its hard to read during the school year because my mind is always so tired from all my lectures and homework...but i love reading. and of course, i need some more fictional characters so fill my empty holes now dont i.

all my love.

PS please someone have a halloween party so i can be Holly Golightly...please?!

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brianharig said...

Jim Halpert is awesome. I just ordered a sweet Jim Halpert shirt from They have tons of stuff from The Office. They said not to tell anyone, but here is a 10% discount code, pts10 (it is case sensitive, so copy and paste it). Enjoy!