Monday, September 29, 2008

beginning of a lovely week

today my math class was cancelled! yay!
so i skipped my early morning class before it and me and alyssa are meeting for lunch at panera instead! she get a snazzy new car so its kinda a celebration of that and class being cancelled and our friend danielle just got back from sicily and may have big news for us as hopefully it will be the beginning of a lovely week.

my dogs love it when im home in bed...they just come in and out and come cuddle with me and then go check on something and then come back...its usually annoying for me, unless i have nothing to do except enjoy what im doing at the the old chinese proverb says:

"know that whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing."

(obviously i got that off of my Yogi tea bag.)

last night i watched Zach Galifinakus live DVD again...jeez, its just so funny! i just want to marry him so so much.

anyway, have a lovely week.

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