Friday, October 03, 2008

something funny

in case you dont know, me and my friend annie both work as the receptionist at an executive suites in the area. actually, the correct term is "office manager" since we do more than just answer phones and mail stuff:) anyway, annie works M-TH and i work Fridays. me and annie write work notes to each other to keep up on things going on in the office. usually they are just normal office things, but sometimes its just really boring here and uneventful so i write funny notes or decorate them or leave her weird things on the computer, etc. this weeks note is just really funny and since she wont see this till at least Monday im posting some excerpts for your viewing pleasure.

"Brad Pitt" is the beautiful and mysterious boy who sometimes works in the studio. hes so mysterious we dont actually know his name. he only smiles...sometimes...

the final paragraph is clearly a reference to Twilight in case your an idiot and havent read it (seriously, go read it now)


Hey Annie!
Special Events as of today. PS I like how in the rent folder it says “bills that have special needs” I think it’s funny. Its like one bill is in a wheelchair, another is blind, maybe one has one leg, etc…I laughed out loud thinking you were trying to be funny but then realized maybe you didn’t even realize your genius…although then again, maybe you did and chuckle every time you open the folder…in fact maybe you wrote it on purpose so every time you opened the folder you would laugh instead of hate your job or something. I just don’t know anymore.

I think the office is going to keep being crazy with everything going on with the financial industry and all the offices booked and the studio stuff and the magazine being all crazy too. It’s just a crazy time I think! If it doesn’t slow down again eventually, I’m asking for a raise! Hehe just kidding (or am I?)

I just talked to Brad Pitt. I asked him what he got for lunch when he got back and he said

“just on a roll”

…he said 4 words to me…sigh…

(does “a” count as a word? It does now)

I just wish he wore tighter pants.

I had a delicious veggie burrito from Primos today and a GIANT diet coke. When I asked them for the biggest cup they ever had he jokingly started to walk to the back and said “hold on, lemme just go get a bucket”. I laughed a lot, it was just so clever of him! Little does he know I could clearly down an entire bucket of diet coke and this is no laughing matter.

I keep forgetting to tell you that the exact other side of my neck has exact replicas of my other vampire bite. It’s weird. I think someone beautiful sneaks through my window at night and love bites me and holds me in his freezing stone cold arms. Swoon…

me and annie at the office last winter. clearly Big Gulps of Diet Coke (or Coke for the Ginger) are preferable over coffee ANY day! (its ok to be thinking- "big gulps huh...welp, see ya later!" we said that pretty much every time we had them too...which was pretty much everyday)

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