Wednesday, October 08, 2008

my current observations:

im sitting outside the math lab on campus. i can be found here about once every 2 weeks because i suck at math, however lately ive been having issues with this place.

1) if this is a place to do homework and work on problems, why is it so dang LOUD?! the staff are literally shouting to each other across the room talking about their other math classes, social security numbers, meetings, tests, you know: really important things i need to hear about while im trying to do my work. sometimes when i ask for help, i cant even hear them explain to me the problems. i have to listen to my headphones the entire time im in there in order to actually get anything done. its so strange to me, why have a study place when no one can study cause your all gabbing away like old ladies about your stupid math classes?
PS i am currently sitting OUTSIDE the math lab and can still hear these loud mouths.

2) they always make me sign in and it takes me like 10 minutes to fish out my student ID out of my bag because i can never remember the number. why do u need me to sign in? my professor doesnt require me to sign in and show that i was there so why have me do it? im not 5 years old, and the door is always clogged with people also fishing out their IDs and trying to enter them onto the super slow log in computer. come on people, this is 2008.

3) there is a poor girl in there with SO much makeup on that i wanted to cry. it didnt even look good, in fact it looked pretty awful. im concerned for her. people: STOP PUTTING LIQUID EYE LINER ON YOUR LOWER LID it looks realllllly reallllllly awful and your really not supposed to use it like that.

4) there was this really cute guy leaving when i came in and he was joking with the ladies that he was wearing the same thing he wore to bed except his was really bad because it was a grey shirt and showed all the sweat and is gross...i didnt hear the beginning of the conversation but he was really funny and made me feel better about wearing the same thing again today. heres my reasoning on the matter though: i only wore it to small school and was in A/C all day so i didnt really sweat or anything. then i just sat in bed and worked on things. then i got a pedicure. then i changed. so really, i didnt do a lot in this outfit so who cares. i just think its funny. annnnd my rents are gone and im at normal school today so no one will ever know!

in other news:
i taught a really wonderful math lesson yesterday! yay! we did a big chart with bracelets with 4 charms on each bracelet and drew them all out until we got to 12. i was introducing their new number patterns chapter as it connects to multiplication. then they had to come up with their own item and make their own chart. it was so fun! and the kids were so creative and worked nicely with their partners and it was just so cute! some kids drew a head with 4 teeth in each funny. another group did pigs (4 legs on each of course:). a few groups did cookies, a variation of the bracelet charms questions, etc. i had a lot of fun doing it and i think it went well. we'll see what my evaluation says though!

another rant: i get really frustrated with people who try and talk about politics and why they are voting for the person they are voting for, but then when i ask them legit questions about specific issues and why they think the way they do they just spout some generality they heard from someone else (usually their parents or sometimes a friend whos kinda an extremist on either end). it happens on both the democratic and republican side and it just frustrates me. if your going to try and talk about something, at least be knowledgeable about it. otherwise you just sound like an idiot. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

crazy times!

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