Sunday, October 12, 2008

so relaxing its almost boring?!

this weekend has been so so nice!
friday i spent the day organizing my music and putting CD covers on all my albums. it was out of hand and im such a freak about it being organized i dont know how it got so bad! well i do, I've changed computers and deleted and then reuploaded my music library many times. im going to back up my perfect iTunes so it will always be pretty now:) but my actual ipod is another story. more organizing to ensue! yay!

in the evening Annie came over and gave me my awesome birthday gift. a bunch of sweet office supplies from "The Office", love it! she helped me make dinner even though she was tanked and i picked up cammie from the train! we had a lovely dinner of pasta and salad (pretty much the only thing i can cook without fussing with a recipe book) and annie brought a cake and we had soy ice cream too! well, i had soy ice cream:) then we watched a favorite movie, The Life Aquatic with Stevesie Zissou. so funny!

yesterday me and cammie slept in reallll good and we went to the apple store to get something and i fell in love with an employee there that im sure ive met before but i cant remember when or where...hes my type. i love him. im trying to think of more reasons to go there and flirt with him. gosh, i have crushes on the best buy guy, the starbucks guy, and now the apple guy. i think im getting into that "crazy lady" realm and id better get out quick. anyway, then we got justin burritos and ate at the beach and went for a walk and sat in the lovely sunny sand. then we went to Envirogentle before cammie had to go home. then i took a nice.

today i slept in again reallll good. then i wrote a paper, studied for my mid term tomorrow, researched my summer adventure ideas for the summer, and now i think im going to make some pizza and watch my vampire show:)

such a nice weekend. i havent really been bored ive just been enjoying myself and being would have been too lonely without cammie and annie...but otherwise, its been nice to just read and nap and cook and relax.

PS im really upset because Degrassi is back for another season with all these young kids i dont know or care about and im upset because im too old for the show anymore and i miss my youth:( cassie is the only one who understands. i miss her.

summer adventure ideas so far: staff a DTS at YWAM Madison. staff the kids program at Hume Lake. watch what happens!

PS: i got a bunch of new music and its SO exciting! i have an ongoing list of music i want all the time...i add to it upon my research and readings...well i was able to cross a few off! new Cat Power, Dashboard Confessional, Interpol, Conor Oberst, MGMT, and i even broke down and got a few Duffy songs. i only bought 2 albums and 4 songs so it wasnt too crazy, the other two were for my birthday from brother. but ive been enjoying my new music SO SO much. ive earned it. love it.


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