Monday, October 06, 2008

happy birthday to me!

yayyyyy its my 23rd birthday!!!

i had such a lovely birthday weekend. Friday night me and the rents went to see my favorite musicians of all time play a show on the same bill! what are the odds?!

Iron & Wine


the Swell Season as featured in the movie ONCE (my fav movie of all time of course).

that was quite a night. for all of us music lovers out there, we know that feeling your body gets when your listening to some amazing music. its hard to describe. its like your heart is beating so fast and you start breathing really fast and you feel kinda tingly and so happy but also like to want to cry...and sometimes you do. you want to close your eyes and fall into the sound but also want to keep them open to see how they are making that beautiful noise. its got to be similar to how a drug makes people feel. thats the best i can describe it. if you've never experienced this either your listening to shitty music or you're never allowed to say "im really into music"...or both options of course.

anyway, then Saturday i slept in real good and played with kelsey and annie and jordan a little and then went down to Micah and Cammies for a joint birthday for me and Julia. Our birthdays are both today! yay! they had a black and white theme party and me and Julia got to wear a dash of color cause its our birthday:) it was SO fun! Tisha and CJ were there...and cammie and micah of course...and new church friends. so nice. except when i drank too much and wasnt a happy camper. hence, why i did NOTHING on Sunday because i was so so so sick. Champange can really do me in apparently. not fun. but im feeling fine today and just went to school. tonight me and the entire family are going out for a nice Italian dinner in Enc! yay! so fun!

heres some really cute pictures from Saturday night, i LOVE them!

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