Monday, September 01, 2008

just when i thought i couldnt love Klimt anymore, i find this among the prints i bought from the museum in Vienna. the actual piece is in Munich so i didnt get to see it, but its amazing! most of the gold in the picture is inlayed gold leaflets...LOVE isnt a strong enough word to describe my emotion for this picture.

lately ive been super self conscious. i think ive gained a little weight since ive been home and i feel so weird about it. i dont even think anyone else can really tell, but i feel just awful about myself. my self confidence is currently in the toilet. i started looking up ugly people online to make myself feel better. i think i have a complex. 

im sick. not only do i feel like crap, but im just so lethargic and antisocial because i feel irritable and so so tired all the time. all my family in the area is coming over today! uncle, aunt, and lukey pukey. and my aunt and cousin are here from michigan. and even brother is coming over! we're having rice and beans and drinking and laying in the pool and having fun. im tired (of course) and i dont like this hot weather. it just makes me want to take a nap with my fan.

tomorrow i meet all the third graders im going to work with. its their first day of school! im going to bring in some show and tell items to introduce myself. i had to pick 5:
-a drawing journal to show some drawings and that i like art and to represent books because i like to read also
-the art print i posted above to show i like art and my favorite artist
-my little eiffel tower from France to show i like to travel
-a picture of an ipod to show i like music
-a picture of my family

i thought that was a pretty good representation of me.
ok, back to the festivities. 

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