Thursday, September 25, 2008

what an awesome week!

this week has been so busy, but so wonderful! ive twittered a lot of my excitements, but lets review.

1) 86% on my math test! i suck at math! thats one of the best test grades ive gotten in math, EVER! and it was hard! and we got 3 extra credit points so really its an 89%! i almost had a heart attack when she was handing them back...i cant fail this class and i just barely pass my math classes normally, so i was so nervous!

2) my AD/HD presentation was AMAZING! we kicked ass!!! me and Alyssa are such theatre people and really enjoy being in front of people and teaching, plus our powerpoint was amazing and NOT boring and we dont read off the slides:), and i got to tell lots of good stories about my family and i that everyone really seemed to like. the professor told us later that it was the best presentation shed ever SEEN! love it! oh, and we got a 100% of course.

3) i taught my first lesson to my third graders:) it was about "predicate" and what predicates are and they gave me examples and i put them on a poster. i messed up a little but because i wasnt totally clear on the concept she was trying to convey and i got confused with the different tenses...but i recovered without anything seeming wrong and the kids werent phased by it. my teacher said i did an awesome job and that even though i messed up it wasnt a big deal because i handled it well and the kids went with me wherever i was taking them. she said i was a natural! which is more important because she cant teach me those things! yay!

in other news: today was quite possibly the most stressful day ive ever worked at the office...besides when i worked for dc and wanted to kill myself because i was so stressed out all the time. but the reception is so easy! but today i hardly got any homework done because all these events kept happening at ringing off the hook...secuirty guy there trying to fix things and teach me to use it and then set off the alarm...tons of mail and packages to sign for...computers internet and phones not working...tons of clients coming in for was CRAZY all day! well until about 230p when it calmed down for the most part. i was just overwhelmed all day because its Friday and im just dead by Friday and can only work that job because its not a lot of work on Fridays. today was just ridiculous. now i have 2 papers to write over the weekend and math homework:(

im having birthday issues. i dont know what i want to do because i have run out of ideas and everyones so busy and doesnt have money. i still want to have a big party at my house but i need to get that together if im going to do it and i just dont have the energy or enough friends to fill my house...i think. besides, cassie and olivia arent here and kelsey has traffic school on what looks to be the only day we can get together. i just want someone to plan it for me, afterall its MY birthday. i just want to show up...hehe.

owell, im sure something will be fun.

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