Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Checklist.

-IM GOING TO NEW YORK!!!! In case you havent heard, im going to NYC for another fabulous vacation with Miss Alyssa during our Spring Break!!! so far we have tickets to Chicago and Mary Poppins, and we're also thinking of splurging for Lion King. we want to rush for a few other shows too...besides the MET, shopping, the park, and everything else there is to do there of course. I LOVE IT! Ive decided i HAVE to start watching the Sex & the City now...ive been meaning to for awhile and i think this is such an occasion.

-im going to visit Micah and Cammie this weekend! i wanted to visit them for awhile now and to hear Brian McClaren speak at their church on Sunday. so its going to be fun.

-im going to Cancun so sooooon!!! next weekend! im so excited! oh man, i need to get my valentines together before i leave...whew!

-i got a sound system for my record player! it was really expensive for me, but apparently necessary for this record playing business is trickier then i thought. so now i need some more shelving in my room for all my speakers and crap and its just turning into quite the project.

-today we did a script read aloud and everyone gave me compliments on my acting skills! that was really nice and uplifted my confidence skills in my abilities. i miss theatre real bad and i discredit that i AM actually good.

-this week i went to yoga, walked the dogs for an hour, and did cardio at the gym for 30 minutes! tomorrow im going to the gym after work again, and saturday if its stopped raining ill probably take the dogs for another lovely walk. i love it!

-LOST, Gossip Girl, The Office, and Flight of the Conchords were all SO GOOD this week!!! i love tv. i dont really have time to watch it anymore...but i love it all the same.

-I let myself have a tiny crush on a boy from school, only to find out he has a really ugly girlfriend and isnt as sweet as i thought anyway. so thats done. but it was fun for like 0.5 seconds. i miss having crushes on boys...besides Ryan my real life vampire...ill never stop loving you Ryan.

-having dogs is fun, but not when they sleep with you and wake you up at 2am to go to the bathroom, or lick themselves continuously until you turn on the light and they act like they got caught doing something wrong, or all come sit all over you in the morning and whine for their breakfast on your sleep-in day. yeah, sometimes its rough.

-im really tired and dont want to get up at the crack for work tomorrow...but someones gotta pay for all these rendevouz.

and what have we learned from all this? i need a rich boyfriend.

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