Monday, February 09, 2009

perfect day for...

its all stormy and freezing outside, so i decided to skip yoga tonight and stay in to make low calorie cookies and fatty valentine cookies! and while they're baking, im going to craft! YAY!

but I'm not skipping exercising altogether, I'm going to do some carmen electra or one of my yoga videos here in my room instead...its just nice to be home and inside on days like this:) and to bake and craft! its the best!

over the weekend i went to visit Cammie and Micah. Micah was really busy so i only got to spend a little time with her, but me and cammie got to spend lots of time together catching up. we both love talking fashion, boys, travel, and anything really! so we had a nice time. we got to get amazing sushi and i got to see his fancy hotel he works at now...then church on sunday was so great. Brian McClaren spoke and it was so wonderful. i feel so relaxed when i get to visit their church. its not quite the same "home" feeling as when im with a YWAM group, but im sure eventually it could be. its not the same at my new church. but i shall perservere! man, i miss YWAM. after church we went to eat at the vegan/vegetarian mexican food place down the block, i love it there! i always try and go when im in north park. also everytime i go down there i get excited about someday moving downtown. its becoming more and more of a reality for me and seems so much achieveable then Paris, NYC, or Portland. so thats exciting! it always gives me something to look forward too!

im excited for Cancun next week!!! im going to try and blog while im there...but we'll see how my phone situation works out. my weeks are stressful enough, but trying to get all my HW done and prep for the trip is crazier then ever!

ok, the dogs are whining for dinner and i wanna bake so off i go!

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