Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just a little

i just had to sign in and write something...because i miss you little bloggy blog!
im not quite ready to do a Cancun trip blog, too tired and overwhelmed for that...but maybe later this week. it was wonderful though!

coming home has been hard. i just have SO much to do for school and life and im having a hard time finding time to do it and stay a sane person. i miss my friends. i miss just casually watching TV. i miss not worrying about getting enough sleep because i have so much homework.

i think from here on out my life is more over then it has ever been over before. i made a commitment to exercise at least 3x a week for 3 months, and i can hardly even find 30-60 minutes in my week to do that! my homework/project load is unbearable! but i just keep telling myself, it will all get done. and to take it one day or one hour at a time...otherwise i get overwhelmed and start having panic attacks. so none of that thanks.

good news! i think my taxes are going to work out great! i knew i was doing something wrong with those...

Bellas doing better.

I WANT A BIKE!!! so badly! ive wanted one for awhile, and now all my friends are getting them and im just so jealous! my plan is to put it in my car and ride to school, park in the neighborhood and then ride from there so i dont have to pay for parking anymore. isnt that genius! im the best! but i have to invest in a bike first. and im down for a used one but i know nothing about fixing them up and dont have a handy boyfriend (or any boy friend) around to help me. so we'll see...

ill add it to my growing list of projects...seriously, the list is huge.

maybe its a good thing im not going anywhere so i can get all my projects done! and work. and go to summer school. man o man, im stressed out again.

time for bed then!
i like this one...but without the flames...and with a cute basket in front...and maybe some "saddle bags" for groceries and school days...oh how i want you!

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