Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peace Out!

well, today was spent getting my room ready, doing laundry, and taking care of the doggies before i leave for CANCUN!
im getting really really really excited!
i bought 4 new little dressy's for the trip (and for summer which is just around the corner! crazy!) and made my mom and annie watch me try them all on for a fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch! i started throwing things i dont want to forget in my bag too.
my dad even got me a snorkel.

while i was doing all of this, i was also taking care of my poor pitiful Bella who is just a hot mess right now. Sparky "accidentally" bit her in the head a few days ago, and apparently dog bites get infected right away, and it was a really deep tooth wound in her lil head. so we tried to just compress it and give her antibiotics, but they had to do surgury today to put in this weird drainage system complete with stiches and a shaved 1/2 head. she also got her teeth cleaned and an ear infection taken care of while she was down. i was so upset when i picked her up that i couldnt help but cry it all out all the way home. i felt so silly, but shes my best friend. and is the SWEETEST dog and doesnt deserve to be in all this pain and confusion and bandages. she looks so terrible. but shes still being sweet and wonderful even though shes exhausted from the anasthesia and im sure shes in pain...or will be soon. shes all snuggled next to me sleeping right now...they're all in here actually. its nap time.

tomorrow im going to work and trying to get all this stupid homework done before i leave. i actually dont have that much, but on Sunday when i get back ill have a few hours worth waiting for me...but nothing i wouldnt of had to do on a Sunday anyway. unfortunatly i seem to have misplaced the book i have to finish and write a paper about...i literally have NO idea where it is and ive searched everywhere. i just checked the local bookstores too...nada. so im a little concerned about that one...

ALSO, i was just trying to do my taxes and my stupid Friday job took out like NOTHING for my federal taxes!!! now i owe like $430???? how did this happen! i dont even have $430 because i dont make any money government!!! so upset right now. help me Obama!

ok, back to work. trying growth group again tonight. we're talking about dating or something...this could either be really awesome, or terribly thinking the later....but hoping for the best!

see you in Cancun, bitch!

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