Monday, November 02, 2009


Things are good:)
I dont know what else to really write. I am happy. Despite being EXTREMELY stressed out with the amount of school work I have to do this week and over the next few weeks, he is actually the perfect glimmer of light while everything is so crazy. Except I have a hard time concentrating and focusing because I keep thinking about him and whats happening. Im trying really hard not to over analyze everything, but you know me. its really difficult. So instead I just replay all the sweet moments we have with each other and try not to dissect them. Yeah, wish me luck with that one.

Number 2 and I went shopping and had lunch together on Saturday afternoon. It was nice to spend time together, we just really like each other:)H&M didnt have anything...except I did get to replace my holey black cardigan with a new one. I dont want to throw away the old one though. its been ALL OVER THE WORLD with me! its been my partner in crime for so many years now, Europe, India, NYC, Portland, everywhere. So I might save it for the quilt im going to make. Then we went to Tiffanys, Jimmy Choos, and Bloomingdales. of course lots of cute things at Bloomingdales, of course everything was $200+. But he was so fun. and he had fun. and i didnt take forever trying things on or anything, and we just laughed and cuddled. but he was still getting over being sick so I could tell he was tired and not as silly as usual. but it was ok with me.

we still talk everyday on the phone and/or AIM. In fact, we're talking right now. I always have homework and hes always working on his grad applications, so AIM is working well for us in the evenings. But then we dont want to go to bed, so we're working on that. teehee.

one tiny little snippet to share. And you will see why I want to keep as much in my heart as possible. direct quote:
"I just adore you."

this is what Im saying. What do I do with this guy all adoring me, oh man.

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