Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Week.

I am a horrible person, and by horrible I mean, really busy with the new job and maintaining a long distance relationship with the love of my life, while still trying to see friends, not get fat, and see how long I can live on an internship pay for. All in all, sorry for not keeping up. I might make a schedule for myself of themes or something to force me to keep updating. We shall see.

ONE WEEK until I go to the south and see the LOVE of my life!!!

There has been quite a bit of debacle over the last 2 weeks as someone from boyfriends work was injured and had to be immediately sent back to the US, without him there weren't enough guys to cover all the shifts properly and allow boyfriend to take leave too. BUT on Thursday we finally got word that his awesome boss offered to cover for him and got it okayed by all the other bosses (seriously, the military is so much paperwork and disorganization I dont know how they get anything done) so we let ourselves breathe a little and officially got EXCITED for our time together in the southern country. eeeee! You should see our itinerary! Huge family party as soon as I step off the plane, have the baby with us the first 4 days/nights, going to an animal park with a petting zoo, sightseeing a little around Tupelo, Graceland and Memphis for a day/night with a big romantic evening he planned as a surprise for our anniversary, dinners and bowling with friends, and lots and lots of SEX.

Of course the last few weeks had to be littered with baby mama drama to boot, wouldn't want to have a dull moment without that of course. Basically when trying to figure out what they want to do for future custody and a documented money system between the two of them, she freaked the fuck out and refused to make a decision. I am such a nice person, but I can genuinely say THAT BITCH BE CRAY. She's lazy, stupid, overly emotional, dramatic, rude, immature...just everything you dont want in the women you have to be forever connected with. So they've just decided to go to court once he gets back (which I knew they should have done from the beginning because I could see the cray from a mile away) and we're going to try and get as much custody then as we can. Because...she's crazy for other legit reasons too. Dealing with the DAILY drama from her as he tried to get answers about what they want to do was really stressful on both of us. We never really fight, but 2 times he would get irritable and angry with me because he was still reeling from a conversation with her. We worked it out quickly and it was always fine, but its hard when you're so far apart. We also have all this pent up stress from our own work lives and from being apart for so long (5 months!!) that adding the baby mama drama and our trip potentially being cancelled tipped the scale a little too far for my liking. Plus, I just feel like it becomes a little to trailer park drama for me and that is just so not my jam.

However. The dedication to being a good dad, and just the love he has for his son is so precious and different from what I've seen in the media and even my extended family as being littered with dead beat dads who have nothing to do with their kids. Boyfriend has no way to get back to the area where his son lives for the next 4 years as he finishes his military contract. He could easily just send in the minimum amount of child support and have nothing to do with it. But he never has and never will do that. He calls that baby cake EVERYDAY, sends more then he's even required to make sure baby is taken care of, sends presents every month- who is this guy? Although I wish we'd had Ben between the two of us in a few years instead of having to deal with mama drama, the distance, and all the legal junk...I still couldn't ask for a better daddy to be so proactive and persistant in his sons care. I guess thinking about it now, its made me fall more in love with him. I can't wait to someday have kids with this man!

Speaking of which, I've recently been less freaked out about having kids soon and more YOU ARE TURNING 27 ready to get the show started! Oddly, I think after we get married someday boyfriend wouldn't care how soon or later we had them either. We can't wait to be a big goofy family together. And keep wondering out loud who let the two silliest people be allowed to spend all this time together and possibly procreate. Our house will just be shenanigans all the time!

I suppose thats all for now. Work is still the same...taking on more and more responsibilities and getting paid shit so I get to stress about money and having no insurance all the time, its pretty awesome. But I do love what I do and am getting really good at it. I'm nervous about being more vocal about my opinions still since I am still at a temp intern status, but am slowly giving more and more input. It's still an adjustment to be a newbie at this...teaching was like an old sock. I was good at what I did and knew it, not in an over confident way but in a "I don't take shit and have well informed opinions I am pushing" way. I was a leader and proactive in the community. Now...I'm a bit more of an expert in some areas but always feel like Im still learning and can't quite have an opinion about anything. Maybe this will change as I flip my role from intern to a real title and permanent status. Or maybe when I have more knowledge and am an expert in what I'm talking about. We shall see.

And now for a long weekend full of BBQing, sunshine, sitting in bed watching TV, and trying not to have an excitement attack about my ONE WEEK with my love. Oh man. My life.



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