Saturday, May 05, 2012

Soon To Be Off & Away!

This is how I obviously assume the deep south with my love to be. 
Except I'd need to sharpie his skin of course. 

I haven't been good about updating here, which makes me sad since I find everything about writing here so refreshing and healthy. However, being a working girl now with new daily challenges, trying to cook and exercise more, all while trying to maintain our lovely long distance relationship...takes so much time. However, I can't complain- I am the happiest I think I have ever been. And I in no way take it for granted.

In BIG recent news I am officially GOING TO THE SOUTH! In one day, boyfriend figured out his passport stuff, got his leave officially approved, and bought EVERYTHING for our trip! Both of our flights, the hotel, and rental car. I am a very spoiled young lady, but he won't let me pay for things and just does it. I am looking forward to spoiling him with his birthday gift and fun treats while we're there- I like to repay in food, booze, and sexual favors obviously. THEN we got really nerdy and decided to make an itinerary of everything we wanted to do by day! Oh man, Elvis' birthplace, the cute little old town, antique fair, a day in Oxford, a day at Graceland and night in Memphis, getting photes done, and apparently he has a huge special evening planned for us as we happen to get to celebrate our 6 month anniversary together on this trip. Plus its right before his birthday and the night we met a year ago...a lot to be lovey dovey about. TO SAY WE ARE EXCITED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

We also had to make plans because baby mama is being a little crazy again (surprise surprise) and I wanted to have the exact days we were going to have babycakes so we and she could plan and things would go smoothly. So we decided after the family party the first night, baby will stay with parents so we can have privacy (HELLO I NEEDED SEX LIKE 4 MONTHS AGO), and then we'll just spend time with them and around town for the next 4 days and baby will stay with us at the hotel! Yeah, I get to play "Momma" for a few days and you know what? I am not nervous or worried at all. He's only home for 12 days and I am there for 9 of them, of course I want baby bear around so he can spend as much time with him as possible. And as I may have mentioned's like I was made for this job. Basically a professional Momma since I was 15, I got this.

However, I am afraid I'm going to be really overwhelmed with everything and that might be hard for me. In one day I am traveling to the deep south and get to experience being in an interracial relationship there, meeting his entire family, seeing him which is omg enough, and then baby cakes, and baby mama...its just going to be a lot. He knows though, and especially with the time change I imagine I am going to be pretty exhausted the first few days. But happy nonetheless. PLUS our hotel has a pool, full breakfast, free wifi, is walking distance to a ton of places, and we splurged for the fanciest room on the last night. Gosh I am just thrilled. He loves me so much. We are so thankful to spend time together, don't even care what we do but everything we get too do is going to be amazing! Just good things upon good things.

Besides being beyond happy about seeing each other soon...everything between us is as perfect as ever. We still talk on the phone for 2-4 hours everyday and if we're lucky we are working at the same time and get to chat all day too! I am frustrated he only gets internet at home and can only use it in the common living spaces which took away our drunken-naked skype dates- but he did find a way to call me from home now for free too so at least we have that. Gosh we love each other. It's so silly.

And then work is going so so well too.  I love my job, am getting good at it, and everyone has been telling my boss I have been doing great and they want to flip me to full time/permanent/more money soon. She even bragged to the CEO about me yesterday! There is so much room for growth there and anywhere else- I feel like I am finally entering a world thats actually productive, lucrative, and always getting better. Plus, my Joan Holloway inspired wardrobe everyday keeps me classy and feeling less like a little novice girl entering a big boys tech world. I got this! How many ways are there to say I am good at what I do?!

Money has been frustrating. I feel like I have never had any. I'll be so thankful when this internship is over and I can make the big bucks...or really just enough to live on and not be scrambling every time I  need something besides food and gas. Do people ever just get married to avoid having to deal with money stress?! Because sometimes I want to. Such a good decision, I know. But then we'd have a free place to live, not only would I have health insurance but it'd be legit and free, and I could actually pay off this debt without being broke at the end of every pay period. Sigh. Someday.

Today my Titi is visiting and we're all going to take the train down to Old Town to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! I just want tacos and margaritas all over my body.



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