Monday, February 11, 2013

Be: On the Move.

Something has come over me. I have become a healthy eating, exercising, move my ass everyday FIEND. I've always eaten healthier then most, especially with my bout of vegan/low grains for a year awhile back then weight watchers on and off, the dairy and red meat allergies, etc. My time in Slovakia and in the recent months of not being on a diet for the first time in 10 years was important for me at the same time. Sadly I've gained weight, which is to be expected for a year of not giving any fucks.

I've never really been into exercising though. Couldn't afford a gym membership, plus crazy schedules every few months made it difficult to get into a routine, have the energy to wake up early, find anything I actually liked enough to keep doing regularly. Now that I am an adult with a normal work schedule, money and time to meal plan, a gym right out the front door of our complex...I am riding this bandwagon and loving it. I will try not to post too much about my progress, (that's what my Facebook challenge group is for. Which I highly recommend as it keeps you accountable and motivated) but I just can't help but share some things. I hope they encourage and motivate you to. If my 200lb ass can get moving, you can too.

The Plan:

Breakfast: I've replaced my morning hemp protein shake with Beach Body's Shakeology. I have a lot respect for this company since I personally know people who have found great success with their exercise and eating programs. It's a little expensive, but I budget for it each month and figure I am replacing an entire meal for $4 which isn't too bad. Plus the first month has a money back guarantee and they have a dairy free option I am loving (really difficult to find quality good tasting non-dairy protein shakes).

Benefits Already In A Week: My tummy problems have completely cleared up. My energy is through the roof. Less cravings and I am full until almost lunch. I like that if I want to eat a big breakfast I just swap this for another meal. I want to weigh myself but need to buy a scale to see if I've already lost in the first week. 

Last Week I Ate This For Lunch: Summer Salad

This Week I Am Eating This For Lunch: Quinoa Casserole (vegetarian)

We still love our low carb emeal dinners too!


Downloadable PDF

Train for a 5K: I am on week 2 of this 5K training plan. We are signed up for our 5K on April 4th which motivates me to get up every morning so I can make it through the race successfully in the coming weeks. I love that the plan is varied so I am only on the treadmill 2-3x/week and am at yoga or doing weights the other days. Keeps things fresh and I am already looking into what my next "plan" will be after the 4 weeks! Do I keep going? Switch it up? Try a different cross training class besides yoga? It's becoming oddly "fun".

Benefits Already In A Week: SO MUCH ENERGY. The first day of the week is tough, but I am still already awake a ready to go at 5:00am. I don't yawn through my day at work or fall asleep on the train ride home. I get so much more done after work because I have energy to do so and somehow am going to bed a titch later then when I wasn't exercising and still feel rejuvenated in the morning. This week compared to last week my interval running was already a tiny bit easier and my muscles aren't as sore today! Even on my "off days" I needed to be moving somehow, sitting around the house just wasn't appealing. My love and I walked around our village and got a donut to share and healthy burritos for lunch. At least 30min of walking even on my off days? Unheard of!

As the days go by I am becoming more and more aware of the habits I have created. Drinking more water. Packing my healthy snacks. Putting out my workout clothes before bed. Stretching throughout the day for my tired muscles. Finding motivational posters, workouts, meals on Pinterest. It's like this secret club I never knew existed! It's nice to have the boyfriend on my team. We do our meal planning together, encourage each other when we work out, and hold each other accountable for food we eat when out and about (but without being mean about it). I keep looking in the mirror waiting for my body to look as different as I feel. But we still have a long road ahead. A long but doable road I will be proud to look back on. 

Good Luck Friends.



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