Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roses Amongst Thorns.

I feel like God has been so sweet with us lately. I have noticed now in so many recent situations how frustrating or annoying they would have been, but how He provides these little glimmers amongst the clouds.

Like week 2 of my love working the night shift. We are both really struggling with it. He leaves before I come home from work and returns while I am sleeping at 2am. I go to work in the morning and he's sleeping- literally we don't get to see or talk to each other 5 days a week and its SO HARD. I literally teared up leaving for work today and find myself jealous of ALL the other guys whose wives don't work and stay up at night so they have the same schedules. (PS how is that real, why don't you bitches HAVE JOBS). Anyway, enough moaning- I know many other families and couples have it much worse. However, gosh does this make you thankful for the little things.

Like setting my alarm 15min earlier so I can just snuggle and kiss my sleeping boyfriend.

Sacrificing sleep for a 2am catch up and kiss.

Or today after a long busy day at work when I get a "Baby can you get my dry cleaning and bring it to me on base, I need it asap" text. To many people this would seem a hassle. And to top it off, when I arrived they said it wouldn't be ready for another hour. But oh no, what a joy. There was a fun street fair right outside of the dry cleaners I got to walk around and eat dinner at then I got to SEE and KISS and HUG my love and we were both AWAKE. It was 5 minutes of complete ecstasy.

I've noticed it in so many other places too.

Everyone on the train being rude? Look up and theres the beautiful sunset over the ocean rushing by.

Feeling a little lonely and ignored? Suddenly a lunch invite comes in from a co-worker wanting to catch up.

Out of money and paydays not for a few weeks? BOOM tax return hits.

Seriously, all of these have happened just in the last 2 weeks.

There is genuinely beauty everywhere if you just know where to look.

Be present.



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