Monday, February 04, 2013


I think we've moved past our first few weeks of "growing pains" between us. I am learning not to take things so seriously and he is learning to be more sensitive with me. We haven't had even a minor disagreement in quite awhile and are settling into our routines and time with each other. It's been so so sweet. I've noticed this  shift come over both of us. It's crept up unknowingly and I didn't realize it until this weekend when someone asked how our place is coming along. To be honest, it's about the same. Couch. Small TV. Coffee table. Dining set we rarely use because we like to snuggle and eat together. My old bedroom furniture. Mostly this is due to finances and knowing we'll have more money coming up so we wanted to wait until we could afford the nicer things. I've had my eye on some great pieces at our local consignment shops that I am excited to add to our place when we are ready...but at the same time...we are just really content. We would rather spend $80 on a fun sushi dinner out together, making up for missed dates and adventures, then buy a side table we don't really miss as it is. The lamp is on the floor and it's fine.

Saturday night (after spending $80 on sushi...ahem) we decided to spend the night in to save money. I made us home made pizza dancing around in the kitchen all silly, we got drunk at home on spiked sweet tea, and snuggled up watching movies until we fell asleep. Staying home on a Saturday night cooking and watching movies used to be a once in awhile thing for me. I wasn't happy being home when I knew there was fun things happening a few steps out the door without me. I imagined a time when I had more money and friends and could do more things on the weekends. Suddenly, here we are. Perfectly happy (if not outright ecstatic as seen in my dancing around the kitchen so junky pop music) relaxing at home and enjoying the infinite time with my love. Glad to be out of "the game" of trying to find a man, get a free drink, get some attention, etc. Instead of dressing up in my sexy dresses with heels and makeup, I am home being loved in a little house dress. No make up. Hair up. Flour all over. Happy as a clam.

Still not entirely fulfilled with my job right now. Still frustrated with the long commute and lack of time with my love during the week. Our apartment is a DISASTER and it's driving me crazy. But I am still content. And am choosing to enjoy where I am with my career right now. We don't need no stinking side tables, cable TV, or fancy bedspreads! We are happy just the way things are.



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