Monday, January 28, 2013

Survival Sex.

More on our Vegas weekend family extravaganza to come, but for now to revel in our favorite part of the weekend: the hot post Vegas club hotel sex.

Being in a committed relationship (when your significant other is actually HERE now and not across the world) and living together changes your sex life. It's weird. We've fallen into this pattern of "Survival Sex". After being a part and hot n' bothered for a year, I rightly assumed we'd be doing it ALL the time once we were together. I forgot that we get up at 5:00 AM everyday and didn't realize the daily struggle to have life and time together done by bed time every night. Furthermore, I spent quite a few days a bit upset that boyfriend was "too tired" to do it and thought something was wrong with me. However, now our week nights as we fall into bed (usually at 9:00pm like two old people I might add) we either snuggle for a few minutes before going to sleep in our separate sides of the bed, or we have our survival sex. We call it survival sex because really, you are just doing it to survive. Don't want to be grumpy and irritable all day from lack of boning, so you have some good quick easy missionary survival sex before passing out. But the weekends. OH THE WEEKENDS. The weekends I am surprised we even get anything else done.

A weekend in Vegas was no different. Except this time we were dressed up and drunk in the beautiful club at the Bellagio where we kind of got to pretend we had just met that night. I seduced him and got the " you wanna get out of here?", we stumbled back to the tram where somehow the gods gave us our own car so we could feel each other up the entire way back to our room, and proceeded to have hot heels on, dress pushed up, pressed against the window Vegas sex. But as a bonus its with my committed boyfriend so it's not awkward and no fear of diseases or babies!!!!

After a weekend of two nights at the club and a hotel room all to ourselves, our bodies are thankful for the work week where we can go back to survival sex...or just passing out at 9:00pm. I love my life.



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