Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How Is This A Real Argument?

Please explain to me how this is a real argument? Girlfriend isn't comfortable with boyfriend going to a STRIP CLUB in VEGAS for farewell party for a friend from work, friends from work all give boyfriend a bunch of shit about it, somehow it's girlfriends fault?

Why am I now getting the sarcastic comments, cold shoulder, and meanness? He say's he's not angry with me, but the asshole is still very present and hurtful. I would guess he is just angry and doesn't realize he is taking it out on me like this.

Oh the growing pains of moving in together!

We are having so much fun most days, but moments like these are so exhausting.

How dare my boyfriend and future husband even think it appropriate to ask me if it's okay he go to a strip club? Where has our society fallen to when someone thinks this kind of behavior is perfectly acceptable? Furthermore, how dare I be the "bitch" in the situation by saying "Oh ya know, yeah I do have an issue with you all going to look at naked women dancing while in the backrooms the guys are getting blow jobs and taking the prostitutes home with them. Weird huh." I AM NOT IN THE WRONG HERE. Unfortunately, my love works with all macho boys with confidence issues (Marines) who tease the crap out of each other about anything and have wives who apparently "don't care" which makes the situation worse. But why does it have to be my fault? Why can't he be the one who says "Sorry guys, I'm not into that kind of thing" because HE knows its not okay either. Why do the women have to be the scapegoats and "bitches" here when really it's a morality issue.

What's worse is this is one of MANY upcoming "let's go to the strip club" events my boyfriend now has to work around. His brothers bachelor party, his own bachelor party, etc. It's weird because I don't care as much if they were to go see a sexy show with some boobies or if someone surprised him with a stripper for his bachelor party or something, but a strip club? In Vegas? How am I supposed to ever be on board with that? And why is it expected of me to be?

Luckily, he is taking the heat from work and standing his ground. I am reminding him that OUR family (being us and little buddy, plus any future kiddos someday), we do whatever we feel is right and whatever we want to. If people want to judge us and give us crap, then so be it. I am trying to be prayerful as well, I have moments of weakness when I want to give in "FINE JUST GO" but I know I will be upset. And I know it's wrong. And I know it's not the kind of example I want to give my children. 

So we march on...



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