Monday, January 21, 2013

The End of an Era.

Well a lot happened in the last year. Besides, moving back home from Europe, starting a new job in an entirely new field, then moving in with the boyfriend, I also managed to gain 15+ pounds. FIFTEEN POUNDS. That's a lot when I am already considered "overweight" to begin with and am only 5'5. I won't bore you with how I am combating this weight gain with my sweet new healthy eating and exercise plans, instead let us tell the tale of when I realized I need to dispose with half of my wardrobe. It includes a crying fit in front of the bf so get ready for this ride.

We were going out last Saturday afternoon to the bar and I wanted to wear something cute and nice, maybe even a little saucy. When I put on one of my favorite sexy yet casual dresses the boyfriend looks at me and says, "baby, you are going to wear THAT?" and proceeded to show me how my ass was practically hanging out the back of it. I didn't freak out yet, just put on a different "looser" dress that's still a little sexy. Turned around in the mirror, SAME EFFECT. So obviously the only answer was to take off everything, get back in bed, and start crying and pouting.

Oh it was terrible, I had a good cry and the bf sweetly just stroked my back and hair and told me I am being silly and shouldn't complain about my awesome ass getting bigger. Jesus also talked to me a bit and reminded me of everything that's happened this year, 15lbs isn't that much, I am doing better with my diet, but more importantly...why are all my clothes WHORE clothes? Suddenly I realized! I am trying to stuff my 27 year old- practically married self into tiny dresses I've had since I was 23 and trying to land a man. A handful of them I can wear with leggings as cute tops now, but really I need to do another purge. It's time to grow up. No more running around in tiny dresses from my college days, I am a grown ass woman with a booty and boobies that need to be somewhat covered up on a regular basis. Plus, with the baby coming in about a month I can't be flouncing around with everything hanging out all the time.

Therefore, next pay check I will be officially purging some of the too tiny dresses, and filling up my closet with some ADULT WOMAN casual wear replacements.

I knew 2013 was going to be a big year.


Oh hey boobies.
You are too old to be flashing around anymore!
Oh you should see my ass hanging out the back of THIS.


Shows off my curves without everything hanging out everywhere- I say win!



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