Monday, December 10, 2012

A New Life.

This week marked the beginning of our new life together. Understandably I was MIA all week long being reunited with the love of my life- so now is your epic update. The apartment is beautiful and ours and amazing but equally looks like a pig sty and I am still barely unpacked. I have a feeling it will be a project for awhile. But it's ours.

I have to say, after being long distance for the majority of our relationship I was so afraid of everything falling apart when we lived together. What if things are different? What if we annoy each other? What if he gets sick of me? So many things. Or the classic Miranda from SATC when her bf wanted to move in "Then you will know my sponges smell!! Wahhhh". However. Contrary to all of my fears. Everything was just perfect. We didn't get on each others nerves, actually we couldn't bare to be a part from one another all week. I think I took a nap in the bed while he watched TV in the living room one day (so he won't try and grope me the entire time I am sleeping. Seriously, put on ESPN and then you can get some sleep/function) and after I woke up I ran out to snuggle with him because we missed each other. Seriously, we're obnoxious. But after being a part so long it was like I was whole again when he was with me. That hurting part I had learned to numb and ignore while he was gone was finally full and I didn't want it to end. And I know I sound girly and lame, but he's the same way. He'd count down until I came home from work or went to run errands and would run and kiss and hold me as soon as I got home. He gets fussy when I need to nap or sleep because he wants to talk to me. So I am not the only ridiculous one here. I am sure this lovey dovey will fade eventually, but for now it has been so precious and sweet.

Having someone around to love and take care of me was also such a special treat. He opens my car doors, carries all our bags, tells me to just relax and sit while he gets me a drink or snack, buys me little things, just loves to take care of me. It was so refreshing to not have to do everything alone all the time. He laughs at how thankful I am even for the littlest things, "Baby, I bought you a tooth brush and some almond milk. It really isn't that big of a deal" but it is! No one has done things like that for me since...I don't even remember. And certainly not a boy just because he loves me, EVER.

So we are happy. It was a week of lovey and laughing (seriously). Highlights include...

My surprise night at the Scripps Brit Bed & Breakfast downtown for our first night. A B&B in a huge old Victorian house. Only 7 rooms and no kids allowed. A beautiful breakfast made to order. The service and rooms were just a dream. I wanted to move there...which I exclaimed out loud several times in fact. He picked it knowing I would just love it because "I love old things".

Spending a day running a thousand errands that really just signified us starting our lives together. Getting a shared savings account and a fancy new checking account for me at his military bank. Getting approved and a check for his car loan. Getting him an iPhone and starting our family plan together. Visiting and measuring the apartment. Buying furniture. Getting him to try my favorite fish tacos for the first time. Such a good and productive day where we didn't even get grumpy with each other the entire time! 

Moving into our new place!!! Seriously, the longest day and week ever...but also the sweetest.

Look how handsome my baby is in this one. Oh man!

Not even living in our new apartment for 24 hours before trying out our local bar for dinner and drinks while the bf watched his games and laughed at me for not knowing ANYTHING about sports. We found the Irish bar within walking distance to our place. Our lives are now complete.

Decorating the Christmas tree and house with my parents, brother, and brothers lady friend. Cookies, booze, pictionary, and snuggling. So so nice.

Getting to take my handsome gentleman to my company's fancy holiday party and showing him off to everyone. We got to dance the night away and get so drunk we went back to our room kind of early to eat all of the free snacks in our room, fail at banging, and passing out drunk. Seriously, my soul mate.

Yesterday was our last perfect day together before he went back home for the holidays. An AMAZING breakfast in bed in the hotel post Christmas party laughing and watching Christmas movies together. Spending the rest of the day snuggling in bed and watching LOTR- Return of the King while eating pizza. Pretty much our favorite thing to do ever. Eating and watching movies all day in bed naked is probably the best thing to do in the entire world. We cherish every time we get to do it and know once the cakes come it will be a rarity. 

This morning I dropped him off at the airport as he heads back to Tupelo for 2 weeks until I get to see him again when I go out there after Christmas. As soon as I got back in the car without him it felt weird being alone again. You get so used to being with your person. On the one hand I am happy to be able to get back in my routine and get our apartment together a bit more (the disaster and not being able to find anything is draining me). Finally get some sleep without someone trying to snuggle with me all night (hehe). One the other hand I just already miss him. Thank God he has an iPhone now and isn't in freaking Brazil where the phones and internet only worked sometimes. And these next few weeks as he fights to gets custody of the little bear are going to be rough. I am happy he gets to spend the holidays with his family though. It's been too long that he's been away from them for the holidays. Years and years of being alone. Our last Christmas a part (I hope. Damn deployments.)

So its me and Bella holding down the fort at the apartment. I have a feeling the next two weeks with getting settled, Christmas, the countless parties I have volunteered to host, and the etc. will go by rather quickly. And then we will be together again for keeps. 

Why I Love My BF 12/10/12:
Today I woke up to, "Baby, if I were a hobbit would you still love me?"



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