Sunday, December 23, 2012

Be- A Hostess.

Quite a week I found myself in, being the only local lady with her own place these days I was happy to host everyone in town for the holidays. Even my gentleman is back home for the holidays, so I found myself in a perfect position to host a bunch of girls nights. Unfortunately I still had to work all week and managed to get really sick early in the as lovely as this week was, I had to be hyper organized and prepared for every evening (three in one week- crazy!).

A few lessons learned and am glad to pass along...

Be in love with your crock pot and rice cooker.
I planned what I would cook as a main course a week in advance so all of my shopping was done. Then I just had to get up 30min early each day and put everything in the crock pot for that evenings party. I'd recommend the following which are tried and true recipes that are always a crowd pleaser:

Garlic Clove Chicken
Not for vegetarian crowds of course, get the pre-peeled garlic clove packs for this to save time, and have everyone else bring a salad, veggie side dish, and an appetizer. Seriously delicious.
Refried Beans and Spanish Rice
Perfect for a vegetarian or vegan crowd, I also provided tortillas and salsa but had everyone else bring another Mexican inspired dish or taco bar toppings. Really yummy, and everyone loves a taco bar.
The first night when my produce was still fresh I was smart and didn't offer to make the main dish. Genius. Just made a lovely salad and enjoyed the main course brought from another guest.
Splurge for cute paper ware.
I love the environment, so I don't traditionally use paper ware but I just found that hosting three times in one week meant three clearing and rinsing, three dishwasher runnings, three emptying, and three resetting the table sessions. On top of cleaning up after the party, it was just too much. Target has some cute paper ware thats even compostable (so it won't take a million years to decompose in the landfills of course). Go for it. You will be so glad you did.

Compostable plates
Pretty, but non compostable
Cute and festive plates (without being obnoxious)
Good booze, good music.
Get your favorite drink fixings with enough to share and invite everyone else to bring something too. Most people bring red wine, so I try and provide something else top shelf. A great playlist you can have on lightly in the background and don't have to fuss with is also a must have.
Try some of these favorites of mine.

Loved being a hostess, looking forward to doing it again once the bf and I are both back in town after the holidays. A sort of "meet the long distance boyfriend" evening where I might even splurge and make all three courses! More tales of being a real adult to come...



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