Saturday, December 01, 2012

Sweet Phone Calls.

I just love these calls I am getting from Mr. Boyfriend as he excitedly tells me all about the fun family things he is getting to do and how happy he is!

Christmas shopping with his sister and brother in law for the little buddy. Flying with his Dad and hovering over their house to wave to the buddy who was eating a "pop pop" (Popsicle). Every call just gushing with joy and then the excitement of getting to see me in 1.5 days too. It's always precious to hear your love be so thrilled about life. Especially after being so unhappy in Brazil for so long. For family and community oriented people, being away for so long become less and less of an adventure and more and more of a sad chore. Simple things like a family dinner together, watching your little bear play with his cousins, and going Christmas shopping at American stores with your siblings for all your babies. Such sweeter memories then just another weekend drinking and partying with the same people you only kind of like as last weekend. He even said today, "I forgot how fun it is to do these normal things! And be on a normal schedule!".

While he runs around enjoying his family I am fighting a fun flu that kept up yesterday. I still HAD to do some things today like get the ol hooha waxed, reup on birth control, hair dye, and soup for my fluish self. But then it will be back to bed. Wahhhh

Gosh, despite feeling like complete shit am I excited to see that man.



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