Friday, November 30, 2012

His Homecoming.

Oh, where to begin. I am so thankful for yesterday. When my love was greeted with such sweetness from baby bear. We finally got caught up last night after his family were asleep and he told me everything. Someone may be a little emotional and got all teary eyed as he told me everything that happened. Then I made him tell me it all again.

Baby mama came to drop him off (it included some drama of course, minor compared to the usual, but we tried not to let it damper the mood) and as soon as he saw Mr. Boyfriend he said "Daddy!" and went right to him and let Boyfriend hug and snuggle him.  Apparently he'd been talking about "Daddy" all day. He didn't want to go back to his mama. He didn't even cry when she left. My boys went back into his parents house and played all afternoon. He kept coming over for snuggles from his Daddy (just like when we were last there!), was eating all of these vegetables and good foods without a fuss, and they just played and played. Boyfriend said at one point the exhaustion from not sleeping for 2 days caught up with him so he fell asleep on the floor while baby bear was playing. When he woke up, bear had put a little blanket on him and was all cuddled up next to him (COME ON). He can say a lot more words now but all in the same sweet voice we left him with. "Sorry" and "Sit down" and says to his grandma "Hey Momma". The book I got him with the animals and sounds he still loves. But now he can match the animal pages to the buttons he's supposed to push. 

Seriously, I die for this kid. His heart is so sweet and tender. I was so worried that the upheaval he's been through while we haven't been able to be with him would have crushed his precious spirit. But no. He is so much like my love. It's all of the secret sweet parts of Boyfriend that only I really get to see- but put into a little mini person that looks just like him! My boys are back together again and we both talked last night about this huge weight being lifted off. He's not even here yet and we already feel so much better. He is home. Baby Bear is safe and just as we left him. Boyfriend should get here Monday and our move should go smoothly. Everything is going to be ok.

Well. Almost everything. Today Boyfriend is meeting with Baby Mama to discuss the custody arrangement (actually probably right at this moment). We are expecting her to be her usual self and kick and scream the entire time, so the other plans are to see his lawyer this afternoon if needed and get the court process going. Either way we want a document that says we can have him at least 6 months a year. We are going to do our own amount of kicking and screaming as much as we need to so we can have that little love with us. We've planned on having him. We don't see a future without him. And I am so proud of my man for fighting for that little bear. For going without sleep. Getting up early to take his Mom to work so he can use her car today and get this stuff done. So many things he does not want to do and instead of even procrastinating or pleading for sleep, he is using his first day of vacation to do them all. How much does this speak of his character and heart? Of honor and strength? I am constantly overwhelmed by the heart of the man God has given me. I am the luckiest girl in the world. And the luckiest Momma in the world by the looks of it too. 

Our journey is just beginning.

My Boys. Reunited.
I have such an emotional weekend ahead of me, I can just feel it. Finishing packing for the move, this custody drama, and preparing to see Boyfriend. If you only knew the horrible thoughts a girl has about herself before seeing her love after 6 months. Convinced I am too fat for him now and he'll be repelled by me. How sad is that? I am just fighting and fighting feeling bad about myself. It's stupid when I know how much he loves me, how much he misses A GIRL- let alone the love of his life. That I've really only gained maybe 5lbs since he last saw me, and that my confidence has always out shown my weight issues. Trying to locate where I put that darn confidence as of late.

Getting through work today and Monday are going to be such a chore! I have so much to look forward to, that time is just inching by now.



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