Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Home "Owners"!!!

I took the morning off yesterday to get the money and application sorted. I kept trying to go after work but with them only being open standard business hours, and me working over an hour wasn't happening.

I turned in the application and deposit and got the email shortly after telling us we'd been approved and can start moving in December 1st!!!

Yeah that's right. Less then a month and I will finally have a place of my own. A place to decorate and fill with the wares I choose. A place for snuggling and laughing. A place to have little bear when we are so lucky to have him. A place to bang my love after being apart for 6 MONTHS. A home of ones own.

To say we are excited is an understatement. Neither of us have had our own place before like this, he's always been in the military and I've always moved in places with people who'd already been there awhile. This is different!

I just want to run to the store and go shopping and buy everything, and as tempting as that is I am trying to hard to pay off debt and only want to use cash I have free for everything which is forcing me to wait until the next pay check, but it's still so exciting!!

My parents have been driving me crazy though. Which is timely I suppose now that moving (for the last time- for real) is so near. Every evening they like to ask my a million questions about our plans, and I would entertain them if they weren't the most ridiculous questions EVER and they are asking me like I am 19 and didn't think of these things. Such as, "what are you going to do about money?!" And "what happens if you break up?!" Etc. Really guys? Don't think we've thought all that through? We've been saving for 6 months for this and thought about every angle. They tend to treat me like a teenager all the time and it drives me crazy, these are days when I miss my freedom of being in Slovakia doing whatever I wanted and they had no idea the entire time. This final move should help push us back into that direction. Oh parents.

So clean out those cupboards! Send us your house wares! We have like...nothing...

So exciting though!!

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