Monday, November 05, 2012

These Next Few Weeks Are Going To Suck Balls.

Yeah you read that right. These next few weeks are really really going to suck balls. Lets start referring to them as "The Dark Weeks" because holy crap.

As boyfriend prepares to move home, fight for custody of little bear, move into our apartment, get a new car, all our's just too much. The amount of paperwork and stress for even just one of those things is enough to put people on edge but we have to do it all in a mere few weeks. Being a little project planner I made us an excel sheet of everything we need to do and by when according to person and priority. But I think it worked to overwhelm us as much as it did organize us. I am trying to just focus on what I need to do one day at a time and encouraged him to do the same thing. But it's hard. I'm
not sleeping very well and were both fussy all the time.

The upcoming deployment news didn't help. Now we feel even more crunched for time. Time to get things done and time to enjoy each other. I foresee the next few weeks of us not taking much oddly. We both have so much to do and end up just going over it again and again and try and encourage each other to not be stressed out when we are stressed out too. To his credit, he has a lot more to do then I do. I think some of the stress could have been helped if they had properly done a written custody agreement between the two of them while he was last home (or HELLO- when he was born) but I think it's hard for him to get anything done being out of the country and her refusing to talk about anything. I think even if he's just able to get half custody until he's school age notarized that's be a win. Otherwise we have nothing to give to the military to get our off base housing and nothing in case something happens to either of them. It's so ridiculous. I know he's tried so many times and has gone back and forth until he was ready to throw the phone across the room with her crying about nothing on the other line to try and get out of dealing with anything. Arg.

But one thing at a time.

So today we are focusing on finishing our apartment applications and I am going to turn them in (eeeeee!). Once that's done and we get approved I can focus on getting the last of our things and packing. One step at a time.

He spent the weekend being sad too. We literally both spent Saturday not talking and just being alone and sad and overwhelmed.

Told you, The Dark Weeks. If we can make it through this we can make it through anything!

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