Sunday, November 04, 2012


I think these kinds of signs are stupid and will NEVER have them in my home. 
Yeah thats right, Mrs. Grumpy, pleased to meet you.
Everyone is doing the "Today I am Thankful For..." exercise up until Thanksgiving. Which as sweet as it is, being in the mood I have been in this week my mental response to their posts has been anything but kind. Which means I probably need to start doing it. Ugh.

I know Jesus (or whatever spirituality you subscribe to) wants us to get out of our heads and look around. Experience gratitude not for the loss of things in our life but for the flood of good. Especially when I remember the feeling coming back from India and being truly thankful for every little thing I had. Running water. Toilets. Toilet paper in bathrooms. Bathrooms in public places that weren't holes behind a little wall. Living in a country that cares for its people. Ice. Cold drinking water. Screens on windows. Air conditioning. I could go on and on. Things I never thought were blessings being in a first world country but SO are. This doesn't even touch the horrible life stories we heard of abuse, rape, HIV, babies being left, etc. That opens up a whole new drawer of thankfulness.

So since it is annoying me so much it probably means I need to do it. To stop making this all about me and my love leaving again, as terrible as that is, and start shifting my thinking and realize even in this I am blessed.

However I will spare you the blog posts and keep it at the twitter level. @blackandlashes

Begrudgingly I go to write my first one...arg.



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