Sunday, November 18, 2012

2 Weeks and Counting...

Sweet vintage Ikea images here.

This time in two weeks I will be putting the finishing touches on packing up my life here. This time in two weeks I will be packing my overnight bag for our rendezvous in a surprise hotel (I am so spoiled) the next night. This time in two weeks I will be getting ready to pick up my long lost love after six months of being apart. Six months of no kisses. No one to hold your hand. No one to tell you how beautiful you look today. No one to take you to the movies or out for dinner. No one to snuggle with.. I can't believe it is so soon now! I mean I really can't believe it!

And now everything is happening so so fast. I have to seriously pack over the next two weeks...thank God I didn't really unpack my life after moving home from Slovakia. My room is somewhat bare with only the new house things I've bought over the last few months even still in boxes and bags. So really its going through my closet and the garage to get rid of everything I can, and cart off to Good Will. This is quite a feat. But after we have everyone in and out over Thanksgiving is when I think I can tackle. It's much less overwhelming to just go though boxes then it is to pack your entire life.

Today I made "our" first trip to Ikea. I am sure the first of many, but the first time I have gotten to buy things for my own place. Everywhere I've lived was with girls who had already been there awhile and already had everything. Which was very convenient at the time...but this is so much more fun. Making a home of our own. I bought a few things over the last few weeks and already had some donations, so it was mostly just filling in the remaining gaps. I know we still need quite a few things and I will be sick of these Ikea measuring cups and spoons and will want the Anthro ones...but trying to be financially responsible means buying things in cash and within my budget...and waiting until I have more money for fancier ones later. I am anxious to just go and get everything though!!

As you can see, I did quite well all on my own.

We are counting down the moments until he is back with baby bear. And then with me. And then all of us together. Neither of us feel like we can breathe correctly until we are finally together. It really is all happening. Make these two weeks go faster, oh please.



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