Monday, November 05, 2012

Apartamento (update!)

Well despite being super stressed out about our life I am now on my way to the apartment we've decided on! It's still just the application phase and we need to be approved (which is a little nerve wracking), but something exciting happened already!

I went to look at this property last week, it was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom that was upstairs with no balcony or anything for $1800 with a 3% military discount. We'd have to move in 2 weeks because they wouldnt hold it any longer then that which was overwhelming but we were going to deal. I wasn't super excited about it, but it was a beautiful complex with a nice gym and pool and great the unit wasn't all brand new but had been updated and included a washer and dryer plus the walk in closet I've always wanted. Not perfect but the best I'd found so we decided to apply.

Bad news they'd already rented it out. GOOD NEWS is they had a downstairs unit with a porch area close to the pool for only $1750 available December 5th!!! The one of 2 days I was already going to take off work because boyfriend will be in town! AND NOW we can move together!!

So I am on my way to get our deposit and apply the shit out of this apartment. It's been ripe with complication over him not being here to sign the form, the time change going to 6 hours between us which makes talking through a form and getting the necessary income print outs "fun". But the property managers are being nice about it all and helpful. And I feel so very blessed to have what seems to be an even better then I thought possible opportunity come up. If this works out we can check a big item off our list.

Please approve us!!

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