Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stupid Fights AKA "I Just Miss You"

Toward the end of our last 6 months a part stint we started having the silliest arguments. They were always miscommunications and afterwards we realized...gosh, we just miss each other. Do you know how hard it is to keep this crap up over the phone and sometimes Skype? We have it down now but every once in awhile you just need to see someone's face to know how they are really feeling.

This time was no different and I ended up being the jerk face. My love likes to tell me stories from back when he was in high school. Typically in my head they were stories about how awesome he was 10 years ago and that he, for some reason, needed to keep bragging about it. Usually I just teased him for being Uncle Rico and would remind him that his school was 30 people in an old tanning salon. Give it up. I felt like my bf became a douche right before my eyes telling old "remember when I was the star of the football team babe?!". It was frightening.

After a year he finally called me out on my teasing. And I called him out on being a douche. To which the saddest argument began.

Apparently I am a jerk. He just wanted to tell me stories. And then was SO afraid I would think he was a douche and leave him and got really sad. "I've been trying so hard to not be a douche anymore since I've met you, you haven't noticed?". My dear married friend and her husband gave me some solid advice "guys just like to tell you stories" and I inserted "you are their person". So simple but so true. Who the hell else are they going to tell? And what I thought was douche was really just him wanting to tell me things and make me laugh. "I didn't think I was being a douche, I just thought I was talking to my best friend"---daggers to the heart.

Now I have a bf who doesn't want to tell me anything anymore. Girlfriend fail.

We made up last night and finally got to talk for hours instead of just 20 minutes here or there depending on the day. We were laughing and laughing and are just SO excited to be with each other in TWO WEEKS!!!

This time next week he'll be headed to see the baby bear!! I am so excited for those two, he's been waiting for this real reunion for years. The reunion that will last longer then a week or two. My boys.

Excited for Thanksgiving this week. It's a short and slow week at work and we have family coming into town which will be so sweet. It's going to be hard for me because I am the only one working out of everyone the day before and after, but my boss isn't going to be there and doesn't care when I come in and out which is at least some consolation.

Missing my love.

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