Thursday, November 15, 2012

Be: Healthful.

I made a decision over the weekend. One I wanted to make awhile ago but didn't have the funds. Now that I am an adult with a real adult job, cook mostly at home to be healthy, am back in America with bountiful health food stores and fresh produce, plus I will soon be cooking for a man (and hopefully a little buddy too)...therefore, we are going to officially switch to organic as much as possible!

There is no reason not to, my grocery shelves are full with delicious looking local organic produce, meats, and anything else I could want. I know it will be a slow transition but I think it is just so valuable. AND once we get settled I am going to sign up for an organic CSA box so we can save money on some fruits and veggies every month and support our local farming community! I think we will be spending a lot of time at home the first months whether he leaves again on deployment or having to be creative and make new things seems like something that would be fun to do based on whatever we get in our box that week.

So I began today with my "I spent all my money in Vegas" grocery run for bananas and almond milk. Organic were the same price as regular! Lucky me. I also decided to just suck up the extra money I know it is going to be each week and just shop at Trader Joe's like I want to. They have everything I want and its healthy and easy to whip their dinners together...I was in denial that I just don't have the time or energy to cook after work all day. So it's time for acceptance. Instead of just planning on cooking and then ending up eating Rubios fish tacos 3x/week...ok that hasn't happened quite yet but it easily could.

In other news I got our gas and electric set up to go on when we move in AND got our renters insurance today!! Tried to also do the internet but have to wait until we actually move in apparently. Now just need to get Bellas vaccination records and our drivers licenses copied and we can officially move in! In...UM...19 days?!?! eeeeee!!! And my baby will be here with me in less then that!!! Oh man I am just going to float away...



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