Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Think We Can All Agree.

I think we can all agree, morning sex is the BEST.

There's nothing like falling asleep quickly because your both SO tired...then waking up in the morning half asleep, but refreshed, and snuggling. Until the snuggling turns into making out...and then the making out turns into your night gown up at your waist and hot sexy time to get you ready for the day. Every time I am lucky enough to have a male suitor stay over, the next day at work I definitely notice an extra hop in my step and swish in my walk. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "this is the BEST way to wake up!".

On that note, I think its fair to say I am still seeing Africa. I am EXTREMELY torn because I still don't feel those butterflies or sparkles with him...and I don't see myself falling in love with him...or even know if I want to. I don't want to fall in love and marry him OR fall in love and know its going to end and be hurt again. I just don't feel up for it. However, roomie seems to think its perfectly fine to be in a relationship long term and never love the other person. She's done it with her ex husband and her ex live in boyfriend...both of which are still hurt and can't get over her. Plus, she's kind of crazy so I don't know if I should even listen to her.

But there's something freeing about letting GO of the "I need to find someone to marry!" line of thinking that has been drilled into my head by my family, culture, and church growing up. Why can't I just enjoy people and worry about the marrying part when its around the time I actually want to be married? Which is certainly NOT now. Because obviously NOW is the "live it up in Europe" phase in my life. So maybe we should just try and enjoy the ride instead of constantly worrying about the destination.

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