Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Full Life.

While I lived abroad I sensed I missed my life back here in socal...but couldn't really remember what filled all of my time besides evenings making dinner and watching TV with Annie. Which, although fun from time to time, couldn't have possibly warranted me missing home so very much. But I just knew getting drunk and dancing with acquaintances every weekend wasn't enough. FUN?! YES. But real? Sadly, No. 

I suppose I eased back into it all being unemployed and poor which kept me from doing as many things as I'd like, but now I feel like I've just hit the ground running- my life is so full! After work dinners, movies, happy hours with friends or jazz in the park on Fridays...all of these weddings and pre-wedding activities fill my weekends, BBQs, movies in the park nights, family stuff, much! I haven't been taking nearly enough pictures to capture my sweet spring and summer back home, but spending time with everyone doing everything I've missed has been so wonderful. This is what I missed.

I finally crashed after this weekend and felt so overwhelmed by all of the laundry, cooking, errands, and cleaning I hadn't had time to do in over a week. Work has been busy and stressful with my bosses taking turns being out of town, BUT next week should be less hectic. I've planned less social things in the evenings and now that work is getting busier I need to be realistic about my energy levels after work and during weekends. Relaxing at home talking on the phone or skyping with boyfriend I'm finding I need to set aside time for otherwise I end up missing our talking time and get fussy by the end of the week. Doesn't help when our schedules are opposite for most of the rest of the month either :( I just can't wait until he is here. My life is so full and wonderful now, once he is actually HERE I can't even imagine how much more amazing everything is going to be! We have so much fun together. It's going to be so sweet to be able to take him with me to friend and family things- we're just thrilled.

Next Sunday I go interview a new potential house to live in! I found two young people my age looking to rent out a room in a house a few blocks from the Encinitas 101 area I'm dying to live near. It's right in my price range and the girl has a little dog who can be Bellas boyfriend too! They both seem very nice, normal, social, and fun people so I am hoping there isn't much competition and I can move in September 1st. Perks include an ocean view, big backyard with a BBQ, its all already furnished and has a tv and such so I don't have to buy anything else until boyfriend and I get married, the room is bigger than I've had in a few years, the guy works at a wine bar down the street, and the girl works at the little private airport! How fun are they?!

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