Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Things.

Oh my how the summer has just flown by. I can't believe its already almost August and the summer ending sales have begun. I will be sad to see the summer months go, but always look forward to September and October when the tourists leave and our real locals-only summer begins. Plus I can't lie that autumn and the impending change in weather just reminds me I am only 4 months away from my love being here with me forever and that is more than enough to keep me thrilled.

Of course theres been drama, wouldn't be dating a man with a baby mama and not have drama to talk about. Most recently it would appear that she stole boyfriends identity to get a cell phone and didn't pay the bill so when he tried to apply for a credit card and got denied...he was hit was a $2000 bill he didn't even know about. So theres a warrant out for her arrest. Which means if she gets pulled over for anything she'll be pulled in, and if any job or place run a check on her it will come up. Either way when it comes time to go to court in the winter and get custody- we can now for sure count on a win. I say this all with a heavy heart because...who wants to have to go through this? Its been so stressful for both of us, tough to stick with our decision to file the police report, and of course we always worry about baby cake. We're now really wondering if she's on drugs because of the constant lying and stealing...and hate having to HOPE she gets pulled in so boyfriend can come home and we can rescue that little bug. His family have been really helpful checking in with the little guy and already plan on having him stay with them if needed, so at least theres that. But its just a lot to take in. And always a lot for me to sign up for. But we push on and continue to make sweet plans for our future together once they are here. We can't believe we're down to four months. It's been over a year since I met him and we first gallivanted in Bratislava together. So other than her drama, we're always ok and happy and in love and can't wait to really start our lives together.

Lately boyfriend and I have even had baby fever! Even though I am on the pill, when our condoms broke while in Mississippi (like 4 of them, really?!) we got a bit "worried". Mostly because of the obvious, he already has a very unplanned son who although is the light of his life, would rather not have happen again. Then when I didn't get my period of course we were a bit more worried. But oddly enough, we started to let ourselves actually think about it and then being afraid turned into, "actually, that'd be awesome!" He wants a big family and I think is more ready than I am for one, probably because hes already got the ball rolling with baby bear and I have to admit...that little buddy IS awesome and made both of us crave more cakes together. Finally I just took a test that eased my mind and we both felt such a mix of emotions. We were glad that this wasn't how we had to have a baby...him being gone, not married yet, havent been together that long, etc. But also kind of sad because we'd finally let ourselves get a little excited. I am getting an IUD before he gets back so no more issues with condoms breaking and stress about it until we're really least not until we're married in 2 years. But hes so hilarious about it all, "well I am from the south, if we like something we knock it up obviously!" hehehe. It didn't help that yesterday my aunt and uncle had their baby!!!!

Isn't he so perfect?!?! A miracle I tell you! Obviously I sang him songs. I dont know why my face looks like I just woke up in the picture...oh yeah I do, because I drank 5+ gin and tonics the day before in the pool- win. 

After two horrible traumatic pregnancies before this one, all of us were holding our breath until he was out and ok and perfect. Everyone got a bit emotional. Hes already so sweet, doesn't even cry when hes hungry. He woke up toward the end so we got to see his big grey eyes and move around his little lips looking for dinner. Obviously this did not help said baby fever. 

But I am not ready- I want to do my career and travel more, enjoy my time with boyfriend before our lives change forever. So we'll put baby fever to rest for now and pick back up in 2 years after theres a ring on it...and my work will cover maternity leave. 

In other news, I went to look at a room in a house in my favorite part of north county yesterday! Two other professional people my age in a cute 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom granny flat type of thing. My room would be a little odd with almost all windows and no real closet...but its a BIG place, everything is fully furnished by them in the shared spaces, none of the rooms connect to each other so theres a lot of privacy, and theres a huge backyard with legit fruit trees and a BBQ area. Bella would even have a little doggie buddy and doggie door so she could just frolic and play. Really great opportunity- I hope they liked me. Only caveat is that I know they interviewed like 8 people the day who knows what other awesome people there were. So we'll see. For now I am just saving money and not stressing about it, if it works out it works out, if not then I'll just save and keep paying off debt until I find another good fit. Sometimes living with boyfriend when he gets back is SO appealing. And he really really wants me to. And MY PARENTS and HIS PARENTS even suggested we do it to save money! OUR conservative parents!! Ridiculous. I am just genuinely worried with his adjustment to his old job, being back in America and a new city, having baby full time, AND THEN adding a live in girl friend suddenly? Just seems like recipe for "how to end a perfectly good relationship in 1 easy step". But then he brought up the point last night, "but babe, don't you think it would help me to have you around supporting me? Helping me with getting things together? Helping me with little buddy? I dont see how anything bad could happen!". We'll see what happens. If I get this place I'm taking it, if not and I dont find anything else by then I might reconsider once he puts a ring on it. 

And so we conclude. More updates to come on if I get the place and what happens with cray.

Until then,



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