Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have been inspired!

After reading from a few friends about Dave Ramesy's amazing budget and how its changed their life, de cluttering your stuff so you are more efficient and happy, and adding a dose of watching The Biggest Loser I am inspired. (I promise they are all somewhat connected)

This weekend I have another lovely bridal shower to go to and then am dedicating it to spending some time de cluttering my room, car...and maybe even attempting the pile of boxes in the garage. I am also starting Dave Ramsey's budget plan to save and pay off my debt (boyfriend is on board too!) so we can have a life together soon that isn't stressed over money. My incentive is our wedding...wanting a house...being able to someday stay home with our kids because we won't have piles of debt to pay each month. And just less stress in general.

Finally, I have gotten a handle on my diet and cooking these last few days and am on board with weight watchers so I will be using part of my next paycheck to buy...wait for it...real running shoes.


I might try and start walk/jogging.

I wont say run because then I'll freak myself out.

So here is to being an adult!!!!

(most likely this will be followed by a post about how I epically failed and spent the weekend watching Dawsons Creek and drinking excessively...but lets have a little hope)



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