Sunday, June 06, 2010


So my nanny agency isn't looking too good...she doesn't really have anything for me. Apparently its really difficult to find someone a full time job with normal hours? Jeez. It's not her fault really...all of her clients have these weird schedules and and requests and I'm just not up for a crazy family. So I just finished registering with another agency as recommended by a friend of mine. It doesn't seem to pay quite as much...but the jobs look more normal so that's a plus. I'm already starting to get burnt out on sending out resumes and applications...its just so exhausting to spend so much time getting things together and sending them out and then hearing nothing back or it just not working out. So discouraging.

Last night I stuck to my new plan of not having anymore fattening beer and went for a cranberry vodka...apparently I am sensitive to this because it kept me up until 4 in the morning. joy. I just tossed and turned from midnight until 4am when I finally went to sleep. Then I woke up with a back ache from my damn hip hop abs yesterday and a tummy ache from being a girl. So Im a little cranky today.

Plus Im all anxious because I havent talked to the boy since Thursday and not knowing what hes doing stresses me out. Not because I think hes doing something wrong...its just weird because I always know how he is and whats going on and now I dont and it makes me sad and all fussy. Plus, I miss my best friend. cant help it.

Some things that have been making me happy:

-my garden is awesome!!! lettuce, herbs, arugala, chia, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, peppermint, fun!

-Ive had all this time to read, currently reading a book about Degas' ballerinas. LOVE. I think I finally have time to join melissas book club because I can read my book choice and the clubs...because I DONT HAVE HOMEWORK ANYMORE SUCKA!!!

-I bought new music!!! I was so excited that I forgot to buy it in LP or CD form so I can share it with friends and now iTunes owns my life. But Ill remember for next time. Its been that long since I bought music. so sad that I forgot my own rules. But im enjoying my new Broken Bells, Black Keys, and The National. Broken Bells is ok I guess, The National wins with Black Keys in a close second. And I keep replaying a Bloc Party song the boy sent to me thats all romanticy.

-I got to see Sex and the City 2 last night and contrary to everyones grumpiness about it, I loved it! I had such a good time seeing it with melissa and friends and I just missed those SATC girls. It made me miss my girls though. and my Big. Someone got a little teary on the drive home. and that someone was me.

ughhhh I feel awful...I only had 2 drinks...Now I remember why i dont drink hard liquor. Red Wine, Im coming back to you!

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