Monday, June 28, 2010

Things are Looking UP!

WELL I have three interviews this week! THREE! All for the pay that I want and with families that seem really great! Woohoo! One was today and its for a job in Dana Point I would have to move for...another is in RSF just M-F 2-8p...and the last one is locally and is just W-TH-F (every other Wednesday actually) with 11 hour days. I don't think I want the Dana Point job for a variety of reasons...including having to move to the OC (disgusting) and spend all the extra money Im making on rent. But I think Im going to have a hard time choosing between the RSF and the 3 day a week job. I also found another job working just one 12hr day a week which I could do along with the 3 day a week job and would make really good money each week actually...but it would be a long week. So we will see how things go. RSF sounds great because its two girls ages 3 and 5 (so fun!) and if I needed vacation time or something, I could just let the mom know ahead of time and it would work out. We'll see how everything goes!

Meanwhile, I had the best weekend EVER!
jazz in the cup at D street with festival...Grease sing-a-long...more world cup with friends...AWESOME!

Heres the best picture ever of me and Melissa at the festival...BEER FESTIVAL IS AMAZING!!!

annnnd I ate my yearly turkey leg...sorry Vegans...sorry turkey...sorry tummy. but it was worth it.

Also, I made a life plan for the next year. I will let you know in the next post.


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