Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So of course life is still an appropriate mix of suck and awesomeness. I try and ride more on the awesomeness state of mind...but somedays its hard. All of my job prospects didn't work out for one reason or another...and one of my tutoring kids peaced out for the rest of the summer so I only have one student now. I interviewed yesterday with a DREAM position, it went great, but I've gotten so discouraged from being hit over the head with attempting to job search this last MONTH that Im sure it wont work out like everything else. But Im still hoping and putting all my heart into the interviews and the entire process. When I look at the future and see myself with the job, I am SO SO SO happy! I really need to trust that God has something for me, and actually pray and ask for it.

Things with the boy are rough. Its really hard to try and be friends with someone your in love with. So I'm taking some space. Oh, and he didn't get into Notre Dame. As if it even matters anymore.

In good news! (probably should have started with that) Ive been having fun with my friends and family:) birthday parties, family PJ snuggle days, friends back in town, lalala so fun! THEN last night some of my girls and I all went up to se Kat in LA because she hooked us up with being on the series finale of The Hills MTV event! It was a ridiculous event, but we had so much fun! I dont watch the Hills and had no idea who people were, but I loved getting dressed up and hanging out with mi amigas. Plus seeing Kat was super nice because she is always so far away in LA LA Land. OH, and also...I was on TV. Yeah...thats me in the green behind Audrina...and whats her face Montag...and the rest of the show:)
The Hills: Live After Show (Season 6) | Ep. 12: "Lauren, Kristin, Audrina and the cast relive their past 'Hills' moments."
How COOL am I? Also, how God awful is that show? Jeez.

But THIS is the real reason I went:


So the job search continues. The desire to move out or go somewhere or do SOMETHING continues to escapes me.

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