Friday, July 23, 2010


Some of you are aware of my LOVE for So You Think You Can Dance. Obviously. When this dance came on it felt like someone had read my heart and mind and decided to make a dance out of it and broadcast it onto national television. I know Im not the only one who can relate to it, so many of us have gone through something like this. So watch and feel your heart become exposed as much as mine did.

In other news...Ive been keeping busy with friends trying to do lots of fun things! Micah's birthday! saw Inception! beer tour and a movie at Stone! But now I'm pooped and my tummy and head are bothering me. I feel weird. Maybe its all the leftovers I've been eating...perhaps I should be more picky. or maybe it's from when I went to the dentist and they poked and prodded my poor gums until I could taste the blood I was swallowing (sorry Kelsey). The dentist said, and I quote, "so two things are happening, one: you haven't been flossing, and two: I can tell your under stress." preach it dental hygienist. Stress is my middle name. soon to be upgraded to first.

Still haven't heard from the fancy family. They are supposed to let me know Monday or Tuesday if I made it to the trial day (still would be competing against other nannies, just fewer), but now this other super cute job has come up. They want me to start Monday! Two families with a baby each, using me for a nanny share. Super nice moms and really sweet babycakes. Obviously its not as sweet as a job as the fancy job...and it pays A LOT less, and no benefits. I dont really need the benefits...but still. But the fancy job will prob be taxed and the other fam wont...arg. The new family just emailed me telling me they are going to have to try and find someone else because they need someone to start asap and I need another week before Ill hear from the fancy job. The new family totally understands and understands what I need to do, they just need someone now. So I dont know what to do. Some people are saying to just take the job I was offered and others are saying to hold out and see what happens with the fancy family. I guess if the new fam doesn't work out and the fancy fam doesn't work out...something else will come along:/ I really need a job so I can start planning my trips to Buenos Aires and Scandinavia! arg! Also:

Things Im buying When I Have Money:
-new bathing suit
-laser hair removal
-tickets to Buenos Aires and Scandinavia

Running list occurs in my brain at all times.

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