Saturday, July 17, 2010

Now That Im Famous

I have my second interview with the fancy family on Monday at 2:20 (am I the only one who thinks thats a weird time?). But YAYYYY!!! I really want this job! Not just because they are fancy, but because I really do feel like I am a good fit for them. Its really the job I was made for and have been looking for this entire time. Im kind of overqualified for the typical nanny jobs as a credentialed teacher and all my childcare experience...but the higher end nanny jobs are perfect for me!

We've been speculating about who the family is and lets just say...I could potentially be working for a very legit famous sports industry person...I probably wont ever reveal who it is on here since that would be breaking their confidentiality, BUT Ill probably be rubbing elbows with the fancies, and maybe you'll get to hear some stories.

I've been praying like crazy to get this job, or if its not the right job to get another awesome one asap. Please pray for me too! I dont want to just take anything...I worked SO hard in school and built up my work experience so my resume would be awesome, I need it to pay off so I can move out. go to Buenos Aires and Machu Pichu. Go visit Cassie. enjoy my life.

Know what else I've been praying about? that I would get over that darn boy. I just want to stop loving him so I can be his friend. Its really hard. Especially when he calls because "he just wanted to hear my voice" and see how Im doing. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THAT?! I get really anxious when I dont talk to him or when he calls and I dont answer. Like...REALLY anxious. Skin crawling-stomach bunching-head spinningly anxious. BUT I've been doing a healthy mix of staying super busy having fun with my friends and family, drinking, and praying every night. A lot. I have plans the next 3 days and just keep on trying to make plans every day/night.

I just keep trying to remember how unhappy I was.
you were unhappy lady. he never spent time with you. he never made time for you. he never introduced you to his friends and family. he never called you his girl friend. etc.

and yet I still love him and wish things were different. and I still secretly hope someday things WILL be different and we can be together.

until then, tonight its Melissas bachelorette party and I am going OUT with my girls!!!! Boys, you can suck it! (Until I need you as a dance partner)


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