Monday, June 07, 2010


So a mom from my fourth grade class just called and asked if I could tutor her daughter and maybe one other girl at the same time a few times a week over the summer. so excited! These two girls were always in the low groups in my class so they were pulled for quite a few subjects during the day, but they still really loved me. They always ran up and gave me big hugs in the halls even when I had moved to second grade. Cute little girls. So now at least Ill have a little money coming in. And if I get a nanny job, then I can still tutor in the evenings. woot!

I have fun plans during the evenings this week...and I'm trying to fill my days with keeping busy cooking or baking, exercising, chores, job hunting. But really all I want to do is nothing. I do like cooking and baking and exercising...but nothing else appeals to me. Who wants to do chores and run errands on their few days of freedom before they enter the working world for real? BLEH. not me. So I have successfully procrastinated a few things...and instead have been:

-sleeping. a lot. stay up late...sleep in...afternoon nap. LOVE IT.

-reading. a lot. I think Im going to join Melissas book club AND I just ordered a new book off amazon AND I still havent finished my Degas book. sitting in bed and reading should be a law.

-watching wedding shows in WETV. Between Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress I have very mixed feelings about getting married. I shouldnt watch them anymore...they make me miss the boy.

-baking bread. tomorrow cookies:)

-exercising. thanks P90X for kicking my butt.

I think I might try and take the bike out for a spin later too. My life is awesome.

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