Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The last 8 months of my life have been nothing but drama. Family drama
mostly, with a big dose of boy drama thrown in. Plus some illness and
school drama to boot. Most of it I didn't feel comfortable writing
about...and still don't. But my life has and is continuing to change
so much since I started this little bloggly blog 4 years ago.

The thing I've been complaining about all of these years is finally
done! I walked 2 weeks ago but literally just walked out of my last
day of student teaching (had to make up teaching time after my actual
grad walk due to said dramatic illness). It feels amazing to be done
but also scary and overwhelming now that I have to try and find a real
job...and there aren't many to be found. But I'm working really hard
at finding something that pays decently and has lots of vacation time.
oh yeah...and I get to play with cute kiddies all day.

Im working on substitute apps which pay barely enough to survive...and
high scale nanny apps which should be more lucrative and more my
style. If I can't have my own class I don't really want to sub.
Nannying sounds like a blast! I'd get to take my child(ren) on fun
outings, travel with the fam, have more flexible travel time for
myself, exercise and run errands during the day, and actually teach
just in a different setting. So fun. Well see how it comes along:)

The boy and I are still a little dramatic sometimes...but were ok. We
love's just really hard when we both have a lot of
stuff going on (more than the average person for sure) and are also
trying to start a relationship. But well figure it out. I'll just go
ahead and say it, he's the love of my life. My best friend. Favorite
person. I have so much hope for us but nervous about where our lives
are taking us.

I need to escape. I need to go on a cruise asap and I'm not kidding.
PLEASE someone come with me!!!

I'll try and get back into the habit of writing now that I'll have a
little more time.

All my love.

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