Thursday, June 17, 2010

Job Hunting SUCKS

I just keep applying for jobs and keep not hearing anything and then do it all over again the next day.
VERY frustrating. The boy had to break it to me that Im going to have to take something crappy to start out with and work my way up. I guess I figured I could avoid this since I have so much experience and a credential. I really don't want to pays crap and I don't like not knowing the kids. And all the nanny jobs not through the agency top off at $15/hour which is ok if you don't have a degree but not ok with you have a degree and a teaching credential. Im giving it 2 more weeks of applying for the good jobs that Im totally qualified for...then Ill start looking at the cheaper paying ones.

I did hear back from my dream art teaching job I applied for...they said my travel experience and background sound wonderful and they'll be getting back to applicants in the upcoming weeks. Finally an answer! and from my dream job! woot! Im so discouraged that at this point I just figure I wont hear from anyone...but I keep on trying.

Family stuff and job searching and boy moving has taken a lot out of me. All of a sudden yesterday and today Im exhausted and all weepy:( I've been exercising to get some endorphins and to release stress which totally helps. And I've been making myself hang out with people I love even though I feel antisocial a lot of the time. I made yummy vegan cookies and Im reading good books.

God, I could use a break.

I start tutoring next week...I went and visited my little school to get stuff from the kids teachers to do with them over the summer. That will be awesome. Im really excited about it. She said she has 2 more students that will hopefully hire me too. If I could just tutor over the summer...that would be awesome!

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