Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ex Factor

It's no surprise for some of you that I have seriously been thinking about my two ex loves lately. Not so much the randoms I've dated, just Number 2 and PAG. I think I am missing the closeness, friendship, and love we had between us. How easy it was to talk about anything or nothing. How comfortable I felt around them and in myself. How I felt like they were a part of me and how strange it is to be without them now. I think I miss them. And I don't know why all of a sudden, I have been FINE and then just these last 2 weeks I'm nostalgic.

And secretly scared I'm never going to find it again. I mean...its so special. How often is that kind of attraction and deep connection going to come around? Charlotte says you only get 2 great loves in your life, have I already experienced mine? Well, I guess we could say I've had 3 since I had a high school sweet heart too. So SERIOUSLY, three is A LOT. I feel so lucky. How could I be so lucky to have it again?

Cue the "your going to die alone" speech that rolls around in my head from time to time...ugh.

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