Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Still no response from the perfectly nice and mostly normal email I sent to PAG on Sunday night. Luckily I have found that I am not anxiously waiting around for a response, often I forget that I sent it. But still, lets add this to the reasons I need to MOVE ON and find someone else lovelier.

Instead, I invited Africa to a little birthday dinner at my friends house tonight. Actually, he asked how I was doing and when he could see me again and then I invited him to said event. I find myself missing him in my bed and just enjoying relaxing around him.

Roomie and I have been wondering lately if the "sparkle" we have felt with other guys who didn't work out was really anything important anyway...maybe it was all just lust. And this comfortable, sweet, home feeling with another person is just as valuable. Just very different for us.

I think its a good sign that I find myself really excited to see him in 1.5 hours...and we can't even have sex...so it really is just him. And as roomie always says, "just enjoy your time with him, its not like you have to marry the guy".

Oh future, what do you hold?



PS: rushed home because its roomies birthday today and she just heard from her new job she was supposed to start that her work permit was rejected, but instead I came home to her having loud sex so...I guess I won't be doing chores in the living room.

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