Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well This is Weird.

Seriously, Africa?

I haven't heard from him all week and barely this weekend except just now a FB message regarding some movie we watched part of together. I don't care if you are tired from your exams, it's rude to not respond to people and to ignore the girl your seeing all week and then just pop in or message me like everything is ok.

And now I have to be put in this position of partially ignoring him and partially revving up to yell at him next time he reappears. How many times have I been put in this position? Why am I so nice and boys think they can walk all over me. Why is it "normal" for guys to act like jackasses all the time?

And to top it off, my throat is all swollen and sore...but not scratchy and sore like I am getting a cold...swollen and sore like I can't swallow or talk. So thats fun, probably getting sick. AGAIN. And I think I am PMSing and am so emotional!

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